2. Winner!


  3. awesomelilyzebra said: How did u do the person one where u asked 18 people to draw something from the base, wat was the base? I want to try it!

    I just drew a pencilled outline of the person without any details and handed it around a table with some pens while everyone was eating dinner, and voila!

  4. I made a daft running loop and asked 18 friends to draw a character over the basic shapes. It’s all a bit mad.

  5. Skip!

  6. My friend Gabriel Fatin is very good!

  7. The Warriors.

  8. chrisbeecroft:

    Never got chance to finish this one before the lease expired. Was going to be animated, but I suppose it’s basically a chalk sketch

  9. a chalk animation based off of the incredible motion design work of Mr Div.